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Natural farming is a system of farming that uses the natural and non-chemical inputs and lets the land to develop and grow by it. It involves minimal human interaction. This system has gained the importance once again due to the side effects of the unscrupulous practices of the chemical input-based farming. In addition, the urban farming and gardening are also simultaneously developing with the concept of organic and natural. M/s. Pancharathna is a company that had developed a set of manures that are commonly used for the natural farming.

The new chemical formulations were discovered as written in the scriptures, and are being used in this new formed method of Natural farming, which takes us back to Traditional India.Prior to the “Green Revolution”, people had used natural products like cow dung, cow urine and the composted plant wastes as the supplements for the plant growth.

Then the chemical additives came into the use which had its own peak time. With the side effects of these chemicals, resistance created by pests and diseases, and the loss of fertility due to the exhaustion of soil nutrients, it has dawned upon a select few that Natural farming is the only way out of this vicious cycle.

Farming has been developed in India since 9000 BC and it then developed into various systems in the due course. The initial stages of farming did not involve any technology or the applications of fertilizers and manures for the cultivation. With the development of technology and the onset of Green Revolution in the 1950s to the 1960s, the new chemical formulations were manufactured and being used. This also supported, and, is still supporting the ever-growing population of India. In the initial times people had used natural products like cow dung, cow urine and the composted plant wastes as the supplements for the plant growth.

There are differences between the organic and the natural farming too. The organic farming is a system that avoids the use of chemicals as plant supplements and focuses on building the soil, managing the biological activity to grow healthy plants, while, the natural farming does not focus on building and managing the resources, but it lets the land alone for the processes to happen naturally. These systems are making heads turn towards them. In fact, the natural farming system was has been quoted in the annual budget speech 2020 by India’s Finance Minister encouraging farmers to follow it. Also, many Indian states have started it as a movement that is scaling up in a rapid manner.

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