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About Us

Jyotsna Krishna (B.Tech Horticulture, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore & B.Tech Environmental Landscape Design, Dalhousie University, Canada) and S. Hariharan started this venture with a motto of providing natural solution to the common man who has terrace garden or farm or both by providing natural fertilizers, where one can grow and eat fruits or vegetables that are chemically free. Jyotsna, after completing her graduation, joined hands with her mother in social activities where they helped farmers train on the latest technology in farming. Not only this, but also the mother- daughter duo were instrumental in converting farmers from chemical farming to natural farming.
Hari, after joining hands with Jyotsna learnt about the techniques in natural farming and has hands on experience with the farming and fertilizers.

Our Product

We are providing 100% natural pest control product to secure your plants.

Panchagavya - Combo


Neemastra - Combo


Agniastra - Combo


Brahmastra - Combo


Dashaparni - Combo


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